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    Channel Letters and Logo Panels in Dobbs Ferry NY Light Up the Brooklyn Market!

    Key Food of Brooklyn Market does business at 83 Stanley Avenue. You find the usual Key Food brands you have come to love. But customers also appreciate the many hard-to-find products that other supermarkets simply will not stock. Prior to opening, the store’s management team contacted our sign shop to discuss the design of channel letters and logo panels in Dobbs Ferry NY.

    Putting Together a Building Signage Setup That Assists with Branding and Wayfinding

    Channel Letters and Logo Panels Dobbs Ferry NY

    We designed Brooklyn Market channel letters. They feature black sides as well as white and black fronts. The client chose a front-lit presentation, which allows the product to stress bold color displays after dark. We installed one set in the parking garage, which assists customers with finding the entrance to the store.

    Another set of channel letters faces the street. We mounted them to a backer panel that augments the visual appeal of the location. It also emphasizes the great impression the sign makes when it lights up. For the symbol presentation, we designed two logo boxes. These are lightbox cabinets in oval shapes that feature the company’s brand message symbol.

    Both signage solutions are strong wayfinding products. They also serve as a means for presenting a brand message at this location. At the same time, they work with the building front’s architectural details to fit right in. Shoppers easily notice the signs. They will be effective in generating foot traffic and impulse stops.

    What You Need to Know About Channel Letters Today

    channel letters and logo panels in Dobbs Ferry NY

    Channel letters are the quintessential building signs for a broad range of commercial venues. They look good on virtually all facades. Illumination options boost the versatility of the signage.

    • Front-lit. The front-lit sign lets the light escape through the fronts of the letters. We fashion the letters from aluminum and close them with translucent polycarbonate or acrylic. After dark, the light boosts the color display of the material.
    • Halo-lit. When you like the idea of seeing your letters bathed in a halo of light, the backlit setup is a good option. We mount the style elements a couple of inches away from the wall. We close the fronts with aluminum and the backs with transparent polycarbonate. The light reflects off the wall and creates the halo effect.
    • Open-face. This setup provides a retro look. It reminds of the 1940s when neon tubes created illumination for the signage. The name is misleading, however. The fronts of the letters are not actually open. We close them off with clear acrylic to protect the light sources. For a retro appearance, this look offers plenty of authenticity.

    Do You Need Channel Letters and Logo Panels in Dobbs Ferry NY?

    When you are ready to impress prospective buyers with your signage, you cannot go wrong with the lettering and panel combo. Invite our technicians to come out, take measurements, and offer advice concerning installation methods and sizes. If you are unsure how to present these letters to your shoppers, we gladly offer you some suggestions about display areas and techniques. Contact us today to get started on your project!

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