Channel Letters

If you have driven around town and looked at other businesses, you have seen channel letter signs at work. Channel letters are one of the most common type of signs used on building exteriors. Imagine the name of your company “in lights” featuring your preferred colors, fonts and other features. The flexibility and affordability is what makes these signs a great choice for many customers.

There are many lighting options for channel letter signs including:

  • Front Lit – The “normal” style of channel letters offers a translucent front and solid back. The light shines through the letters themselves.
  • Back Lit – With this style light, the front of the letters are solid and the back is open, allowing light to escape and form a halo-like effect.
  • Open Face – The same letters that are used in other styles are utilized here, but there is simply no “face” on the sign. This provides an old-fashioned neon look, that is quite unique.
  • Unlit – If your company is only open during daylight hours, it may not be necessary to have a lit sign. Consider this option only if you do not want customers to see your signage at night.

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