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    5 Reasons You Need Acrylic Lobby Signs in Westchester County NY

    Signs made from high-quality acrylic are a favorite among organizations that are looking for a gorgeous marker that accentuates the interiors of their venue. Acrylic has the heavy duty construction of plastic while looking like glass. And, unlike a wooden sign, it does not face the dangers of cracking or splintering. So, why are more small business owners turning to acrylic lobby signs in Westchester County NY? It turns out that there are at least five reasons for this:

    1. Acrylic Is Completely Customizable

    Acrylic Panel Lobby Signs in Westchester County NY

    When customers ask us what an acrylic lobby sign looks like, we like to tell them that it can look like whatever you want! We will gladly create your design with you from scratch, even if you want something completely different from anything we have made before. You can add your corporate logo and any text you want, and you can pick from a wide array of sizes and colors. While keeping your design perfectly clear, acrylic signs create a strong visual impact.

    2. Acrylic Is Durable and Safe

    Thanks to the heavy-duty construction of acrylic, it is resistant to failure. In fact, it can take impacts seventeen times stronger than glass without damage. Acrylic also will not shatter like glass if it ever does break. Enterprises who plan to install these markers near where customers will be waiting can be sure their safety is not compromised.

    3. Acrylic Is Ideal for Interiors

    Westchester County NY Acrylic Panel Lobby Signs

    Be very mindful of the designs and materials used for waiting room and lobby signs. For example, some bulky, large signs were not meant for indoor use. Some materials give off odors and other unpleasantness that your customers may want to avoid. These problems are not found with acrylic signs.

    4. Acrylic Is Lightweight

    For how sturdy acrylic lobby signs are, you might be surprised to find out that these markers are lightweight. This means that we will not need to use heavy-duty anchors to install your acrylic sign. This will keep your landlord or property management company happy.

    5. Acrylic Is Easy to Install and Clean

    Acrylic Lobby Signs in Westchester County NYThere are many different ways acrylic can be hung thanks to its lightweight design. We can flush mount your mark or install it with spacers for a floating off the wall look. And, when the time comes to clean your marker, all you need is a bit of soap and water and a non-abrasive cloth. Maintain your sign’s like-new appearance by regularly wiping it down.

    You may assume that acrylic signs are out of your price range given that they exhibit all of the above advantages and more. However, acrylic reception area signs are quite affordable, particularly when you take into consideration how long they will last you. When it comes to creating the ideal lobby signs, the combination of low cost and desirable features give you a lot to work with.

    If you would like to boost your brand and welcome in clients with acrylic lobby signs in Westchester County NY, please contact the friendly professionals at Gotham Signs & Graphics today for a free consultation.

    Acrylic Lobby Signs in Westchester County NY

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