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    A Look at Metal Plaques and Their Best Uses in Westchester County NY

    There used to be a time when clients would order metal plaques in Westchester County, NY, for official purposes. Examples included building dedications and monuments. However, with the cost of materials coming down and advances in manufacturing also reducing the price, more and more business clients are now looking to metal signage for their wayfinding and labeling needs.

    Donor Wall Plaques Look Substantial, Elegant, and Encourage Project Participation

    Donor Walls in Westchester County NY

    Whether you engage members to support a synagogue, church, library, or any other project, consider featuring the names of those who helped your cause. Donor walls are attractive methods for highlighting the names and donations of participants. Shapes include bricks, leaves, and name plaques.

    Clients choosing this type of product may select to pre-order several bricks that we then engrave in batches, or they can order a new brick with engraving each time a qualifying donation is made.

    Municipal Plaques instead of Lobby Signs

    Custom Metal Plaques in Scarsdale NY

    Municipal agencies favor the use of cast metal plaques when displaying the symbols of the armed forces. Doing so draws attention to the steadfastness of the branches and the reliability they provide for national freedom. That said, you do not have to limit plaque purchases only to municipalities. We often work with business owners who are looking to feature their lobby signs in this way.

    School and College Sports Leagues Commemorate Outstanding Athletes, Coaches, and Teams with Plaques

    School Sports Plaques in Yonkers NY

    Educational facilities that operate sports programs understand how important they are to parents, incoming students, and alumni. In this way, the schools distinguish themselves with favorite coaches, winning teams, or outstanding athletes. When a team wins a championship, commemorating the event is essential.

    We recommend the use of engraved plaques that feature a photo rendition of the team. Another option is a cast plaque that focuses on the event year and the type of award a team won. Because there are so many design options, you can create the kinds of sports plaques that will be unique to your school.

    ADA-Compliant Restroom Plaques Combine Functionality with Great Looks

    ADA Restroom Plaques in Westchester County NYSigns that meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications must allow for high-contrast symbol displays, Braille II dots, and the use of letters or pictographs that are suitable for touching. Restroom plaques, room signs, and suite labels made from metal combine these elements.

    Envision the use of cast metal to create these signs. Not only will they maintain their great looks for decades to come, but they are also easy to clean and move. Therefore, this is a signage investment that will serve your business for the long term.

    Buying Metal Plaques in Westchester County, NY

    Do you already know what you want your plaques to look like? We gladly accept your specs and get to work. If you are unsure how to transform your corporate persona into a plaque or make use of the design to create attractive interior signage, we can help. Our graphic artist can show you different design styles and help you hone in on the one right for you. Connect with us today to place your order!

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