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    Your ADA Signage Checklist for Yonkers NY

    Your organization is not allowed to discriminate based on religion, nation of origin, sex, race, or, with the passage of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), disabilities. The ADA guarantees civil rights and equal opportunities for people with disabilities in state and local government services, transportation, public accommodations, employment, and telecommunications.

    The ADA also has a long list of signage requirements. You must comply with the standards set forth in the ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG). You are leaving yourself open to hefty fines and lawsuits when your organization does not comply. Gotham Signs & Graphics wants you to avoid legal issues and to make your facility a pleasant place for people of all abilities to visit, so we have created this ADA signage checklist for Yonkers NY.

    Permanent Amenities and Rooms

    ADA signage checklist for Yonkers NYRooms that are unlikely to change their functionality over time are required to have designations, labels, or names. This includes interior signs labeling floor and room letters or numbers along with room names. Also, any permanent spaces must be identified with tactile text descriptors for pictograms.

    Directory Signs

    Directories should be installed near your main entrance as well as next to elevators on every floor of your building. They should feature areas of rescue assistance, accessibility routes, and emergency exit routes. Additionally, using Braille to list different offices within your venue will make it easier for people of all abilities to find their way around.

    Rescue Assistance Signs

    ADA signage checklist for Yonkers NYIt is hard for people with mobility problems to exit a multi-story building in the event of an emergency. For this reason, you should have designated areas of rescue assistance on each upper floor. Clearly label these areas so wheelchair-bound visitors and rescue personnel will know where to go.

    Stairwell Signs

    Each stairwell door is required to have tactile signage installed next to it. These markers should announce the floor level, stair level, and exit level. These signs must be a specific size. We can help you with this.

    Bathroom Signs

    ADA signage checklist for Yonkers NYThe international symbol of accessibility with its familiar wheelchair icon probably comes to mind when you think of ADA restroom signage. This is just part of the requirement. Your markers must also be high contrast, non-glare, and feature Braille.

    This list is by no means exhaustive, but it is a good place to start as you make your venue’s interiors compliant with the ADA. There are also numerous requirements governing how far apart the letters on your signs must be, what finishes can be used on the markers, how the signs must be installed, how large they need to be, what typefaces are used, and so on.

    Navigating the requirements set out in the ADAAG can be daunting for the novice property manager. Thankfully, Gotham Signs & Graphics has plenty of experience helping local businesses with the right signage. If we have piqued your interest with our ADA signage checklist for Yonkers NY and you want to welcome in disabled guests without learning the ins and outs of the law, let us handle everything. Contact our friendly experts today for a free site evaluation and estimate!

    ADA signage checklist for Yonkers NY

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