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    Architectural Signs: Pointing People in the Right Direction


    For large facilities – like school campuses and medical complexes – signs are needed to guide people in the right direction. These signs are called architectural signs. They can identify an entire complex, various buildings, and even individual rooms.

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    4 Types of Architectural Signs

    There are four types of signs that fall into the category of architectural signs. It’s very likely that you’ll need more than one of these signs.

    1. Monument Signs

    These large signs are perfect for identifying your entire complex or a section of buildings. They’re typically made of stucco, aluminum, sign foam, or brick backgrounds. A monument sign is installed close to the ground and can be as tall as a person. This type of sign can be enclosed with a lighting feature for easy visibility.

    2. Channel Letters

    Made of metal or plastic, these custom letters can be fitted together to identify the name of a building or complex. They can be internally lit or made in 3-D for added visibility and style. The letters can be anchored to the side of a building or a monument sign.

    3. Directionals

    Every large facility needs directionals. To get around the complex easily and efficiently, people need to know where they’re going. And these signs point them in the right direction. They range from large signs pointing people to a building, or they can be smaller, indoor signs pointing people to a particular room.

    4. ADA Room Signs

    To keep in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, facilities need to have signs that are conveniently located, easy to read and made with tactile letters for those who are blind.

    Help People Get to Where They Need to Go with Architectural Signs

    Do you own or operate a large complex? If so, make life easier on the people who come to your facility by utilizing architectural signs. Doing so will get them to where they need to be without confusion and without wasting time.

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