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    Benefits of Channel Letter Signs in Yonkers NY

    The next time you drive through a commercial area after dark, pay special attention to the signs you see. Typically, the channel letter signs will catch your eyes the most. Entrepreneurs and retailers prefer these markers because they are customizable, inexpensive, heavy-duty, and vivid. Fortunately, Gotham Signs & Graphics is one of the top sign companies for channel letter signs in Yonkers NY. Here are some reasons why you should take advantage of these signs:

    There Are Several Different Styles

    channel letter signs in Yonkers NYThere are four basic types of channel letter signs:

    • Standard Front-Lit Letters – Your sign is viewable all 24 hours of the day thanks to the light shining through the front faces of these letters.
    • Open Face Letters – These signs are essentially the same standard sign, but they have optically clear acrylic faces that make it look as if they have open faces. This creates an elegant look.
    • Halo-Lit Letters – Rather than coming out of the front, the internal lighting for halo-lit letters is directed out of the back. This creates a halo effect around the letters on the wall they are installed on.
    • Front and Reverse Lit Letters – You get the best features of both of the two main styles thanks to the open back creating a halo and the front lighting that makes your branding easy to see.

    We Mainly Use LEDs in Our Channel Letters

    channel letter signs in Yonkers NYWe recommend using LEDs for all illuminated channel letter signs because they allow for bright colors, produce low utility bills, and they make your sign easy to read from far away. You also do not need to worry about maintenance costs because they can last for up to ten years of nonstop use. Also, this lighting alternative remains unaffected by low temperatures. This is in stark contrast to fluorescent or neon signs.

    We Can Customize Your Channel Letters

    channel letter signs in Yonkers NYDue to the innate versatility of the fabrication process, channel letters can be just about any style, color, typeface, graphic shape, and size. Your local zoning ordinances or the terms of your lease are usually the biggest limitations in our creative process. However, we are also skilled at working within certain restrictions to still provide you with a marker you are proud of.

    Letter Frames Are Made of Durable Aluminum

    channel letter signs in Yonkers NYAluminum is the material we use in the construction of the frames for most of our channel letter signs because it is easy to work with, lightweight, and can stand up to sleet, rain, the sun, snow, fire, high winds, and ice. Aluminum is also a favorite because it is relatively affordable and simple to take care of.

    Have we piqued your interest? Or, are you feeling a little bit overwhelmed by all of the options to choose from? No problem! Our skilled professionals are happy to meet with you and listen to your goals and budget before making recommendations that are ideal for your needs. We then provide you with art proofs of what your finished sign will look like before you spend a dime.

    If you are interested in a free consultation on channel letter signs in Yonkers NY, contact Gotham Signs & Graphics today!

    channel letter signs in Yonkers NY

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