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    Which Is Better: LED Message Boards or Old-Fashioned Reader Boards?

    We are living in an exciting time in world history. Technological innovations seem to make headlines on a daily basis. And, the sign industry does a great job of utilizing new advances. One area in which sign companies are progressing is moving away from the old-fashioned marquee or reader board and taking advantage of the efficient, attractive, convenient, and easy to program digital message boards. Below, we will look at why you should consider LED message boards for White Plains NY.

    Where Did We Begin?

    LED message boards for White Plains NYIn the early 1900s, reader boards first hit the streets. Automobiles were growing in importance and prevalence at this time. Consequently, marketers and business owners had to come up with new ideas for getting out messages as people zoomed by. Reader boards grew in popularity as more theaters, stores, and other establishments realized that motor vehicles were here to stay. Marquees were especially popular for theaters, where they could jut the names of movies and shows out over the sidewalk and closer to the street.

    Eyes were naturally drawn to these markers with their lights shining all around. Other businesses began to take notice and used reader boards to effectively communication info. As churches, hotels, convenient stores, and other organizations across the planet began to use reader boards, they were no longer just associated with theaters.

    LED message boards only came around more recently near the turn of the 21st century. The light emitting diodes (LEDs) can display graphics in addition to numbers and letters. And, in the cold New York winters, they do not grow dim. So, you can see why these markers have become the next big thing in the sign industry.

    The Pros and Cons

    LED message boards for White Plains NYFor decades, reader board signs have been a mainstay in the sign world. However, they are quickly being supplanted by LED markers. Even when neon became en vogue, it was not able to surpass the easy to change marquees in popularity. Yet, today, LED displays are easier to manage than reader boards. You can update your screen’s information with a tablet, personal computer, or smartphone. This feature is helpful in an array of situations. For instance, you can stay inside and simply use a computer when you want to change the sign in inclement weather.

    You can take out your smartphone and update your information within seconds from wherever you are. On the other hand, you have to get up on a ladder and switch out each letter one-by-one by hand or pole to change your reader board. When you consider the maintenance and labor costs over a few years, LED message board are more affordable than marquees.

    LEDs Have the Edge

    LED message boards for White Plains NYWith modern displays, creative use of an outdoor programmable LED sign is quite easy. You can use mobile apps to update content hourly or for advanced scheduling. Plus, with how energy-efficient and long-lasting LEDs are, you can save on electricity bills and maintenance costs.

    Are you interested in taking advantage of LED message boards for White Plains NY? If so, contact Gotham Signs & Graphics today for a free consultation.

    LED message boards for White Plains NY

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