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    Brighten Your Offices with Backlit Lobby Signs in Yonkers NY!

    Are you looking for a dramatic way to boost brand awareness in your office? Look no further than backlit lobby signs in Yonkers, NY, to make it happen. Although 3D acrylic, metal, and sign foam letters are still quite popular, illuminated signage for the foyer is now stealing the show.

    How Backlit Signage Works in the Office

    Illuminated Lobby signs in Yonkers NY

    Our technicians work with your company to design a signage product that features brand colors, fonts, and spacing. We then produce the individual letters but leave hollow backs. You will notice that most clients prefer to order fabricated metal for backlit lobby signs. Next, we insert the LEDs and wire them.

    Installation of the style elements is quick and neat. We mount the style elements with spacers, which creates some room between the backs of the letters and the wall. As a result, the light will reflect off the substrate and create a halo effect. Of course, what really makes these signs stand out is the level of customization you can achieve.

    Customizing Backlit Lobby Signs for Any Setting

    Backlit Lobby signs in Yonkers NY

    Making your reception area stand out is a snap when you customize your signage.

    • Halo strength. Select a narrow halo that is brighter or go for a broader one that features a little less illumination. The trick here is to control the number of LEDs and the distance between the letters and the wall. We can show you what different lighting techniques could look like at your location.
    • Colorful LEDs. White LEDs are a favorite choice. However, when you want to underscore a specific brand color, we suggest the use of custom-colored LEDs that transform the halo on your wall into a branding tool. Boost the great looks of this signage setup by opting for polished metal as the lettering material.
    • Color contrasts. Many clients have had excellent success with the creation of color contrasts. For example, darker walls look fantastic with lighter letters that illuminate with a halo display.

    Build Name Recognition and Brand Awareness with Backlit Lobby Signs in Yonkers, NY

    Yonkers NY Backlit Lobby Signs

    Are you curious to see how a custom-color backlit sign could make a difference in the way customers engage with your brand? Discuss your plans with our graphic artist. This specialist can show you what a backlit sign could look like in your space. Moreover, they will show you how fabricated metal is an excellent vehicle for this appearance.

    That said, you have additional options. Some clients prefer logo boards rather than individual three-dimensional letters. In these cases, we route the LEDs to outline the board. Still, another signage option is the use of push-through acrylic letters. Hidden LEDs illuminate them but not the board.

    In short, you have plenty of selections to choose from. We will gladly help you identify the best product that will shine in your lobby. By the way, some clients have decided to replicate this signage product’s display in conference rooms and other spaces where customers and employees meet. If you need additional products, we can help you with that, too. Connect with us today!

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