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    Colonial Court Apartments Lights Up with Reverse-Lit Channel Letters in Pelham NY!

    Luxury apartment living is as close as 8 Boulevard West at Colonial Court. Elegant, contemporary designs combine with ultra-modern appliances and designer flooring for awe-inspiring spaces that delight the senses. When property managers at Elk Homes decided it was time to add a building sign as sophisticated as the site itself, a representative contacted our sign shop to assist with the design, fabrication, and installation of reverse-lit channel letters in Pelham, NY.

    16-Unit Colonial Court Beckons with Halo-Lit Channel Letters

    Reverse Lit Channel Letters in Pelham NY

    We worked with the management team to design a signage product that encapsulates the site’s brand message. Because it had to emphasize sophistication and pizzazz, we recommended channel letters, which focus the lighting on the backdrop rather than escape through the fronts.

    The effect is visually stunning. We mounted impressive letters that we fabricated from aluminum. They display the venue’s name in the same font as prospective tenants might see on the property management’s website. Next, we painted the lettering in white. Therefore, it visually pops when it contrasts from the black wall backdrop.

    Because we used short standoffs, we limited the spread of the halo illumination. It results in focused reverse lighting that emphasizes each letter’s shape with bright, white illumination. In this way, the building sign is a work of art that successfully underscores what this property is all about.

    Choosing an Excellent Mounting Location for Your Halo-Lit Channel Letters

    For the Colonial Court Apartments, it made sense to install these letters right above the entrance. There, the signage focuses the attention of passersby on the impressive lobby experience. Besides that, it assists guests and prospective tenants with wayfinding.

    That said, the entrance does not have to be the only place where you install your signage. Some property management companies have had excellent success with the installation of channel letters near the top of the building. This method of advertising and branding succeeds when you are looking to address consumers who are still a long way down the street.

    Others have opted for the installation of several signs. Our specialists suggest this practice when your location has multiple entrances. In this case, it makes sense to invite passersby to enter the door that is most convenient for them. Conversely, if you prefer that deliveries be made through a service door, it would make sense to choose a different type of sign to highlight its function.

    What Could Your Property Management Company Do with Reverse-Lit Channel Letters in Pelham, NY?

    The local consumer appreciates the finer things in life. These include living spaces with pizzazz as well as high-end shopping and recreational experiences. Showcasing that your sites fit the bill is as easy as featuring a building sign to underscore this brand message.

    Reverse-lit channel letters are good options. However, you have other choices, too. For example, consider stainless steel dimensional letters that you might illuminate with building lamps. Another option is the design of an artistic lightbox cabinet.

    Contact us today to talk through your choices and select the building sign that best creates a tangible display of your brand!

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