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    Construction Barrier Graphics in Scarsdale NY Announce Beauty Salon!

    The Hudson Blvd Group is synonymous with upscale beauty regimens. It has built a brand that is recognized by Scarsdale consumers. We received a call to assist with construction barrier graphics in Scarsdale NY, for the latest salon. This property sits at 12 Chase Road.

    An Elegant Barrier Graphic Takes Advantage of Window Panes

    Construction Barrier Graphics

    The attractive location features a large front window. Cutting off the view inside the venue boosts the interest about what is going on. However, we took it a step further. The client asked us to put up a barrier that emphasizes the brand message and encourages online interactions with curious consumers.

    Rather than naming the salon outright on the main panel, we placed the Hudson Blvd Group’s contact information on that part of the barrier. To the left, on a smaller portion of a window setup, we put the company’s name as well as the proposed opening month. This step, too, heightens the appeal that the graphics bring to the venue. The overall appearance of the construction barrier is one that fits in perfectly with the setting while generating plenty of interest in advance of the opening date.

    Why Choose Barriers to Market and Brand?

    Coming Soon Barrier Graphics

    For starters, you have a large canvas to work with. The standard barrier is at least six to eight feet tall. It is about as extensive as the storefront itself. Advertising your incoming business on a surface that is this large makes it easy to get attention. Moreover, you do not have to worry about color schemes. Aesthetics that would typically dictate fitting in with the area do not always apply in this setting.

    In fact, we recommend selecting colors and images that actively contrast with the street scene in front of the venue. While you do want to choose a setup that underscores the brand, it should be sufficiently jarring to cause heads to turn. A black and white display works perfectly for the setting that the Hudson Blvd Group has chosen because it accomplishes both. Add to this the noise from the construction, and it is no small wonder that consumers are paying plenty of attention to the incoming business.

    How to Order Construction Barrier Graphics in Scarsdale NY

    Our graphic artist is your go-to expert for putting together an appearance that demands attention. We can use your corporate palette to its full advantage. Moreover, we gladly assist with the design of a graphics package that can be as minimalist or extravagant as you would like it to be. Large print, fine print, bold print, and the use of various fonts are all fair game.

    A new trend calls for the posting of additional graphics on a regular schedule. These products might update passersby on the opening date or special festivities surrounding the grand event. Some businesses run contests online that further boost the overall buzz surrounding their expected grand opening. The barricades are excellent display options for questions and hints.

    Contact us today to learn more about your options. We assist with the selection of the right material, wrap or graphics package, as well as the presentation of your message.

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