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    How to Find the Best Sign Shop in Westchester County

    Westchester County is the second-most populous mainland New York county with nearly one million residents. Many out-of-towners are drawn to the area because of its many attractions, including the Neuberger Museum of Art and the Hudson River Museum. Other visitors like to travel back in time with visits to the Timothy Knapp House and the Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow. Additionally, locals, tourists, and guests from just a county over come to Westchester County for special events.

    There are also several major employers in this county. There is one common need that local employers like PepsiCo, MasterCard, IBM, Nokia, and countless others all have. That need is high-quality signs. You cannot expect much business or welcome guests to your facility without branding, marketing, wayfinding, and safety signs in place. Yet, how does an organization go about finding the best sign shop in Westchester County?

    How to Choose a Sign Maker in Westchester County

    Best Sign Shop in Westchester CountyTo assist you in your hunt for the best sign maker, we came up with five distinct qualities that every sign company should have:

    1. Full Team of Professionals

    When you need posters or banners for an upcoming parade or grand opening, you do not want it to take weeks. If you have a rush job, this simply is not a workable solution. This is why you must choose a shop that has a full team of professionals who can give your project the attention it needs immediately to ensure you have your marker when you need it.

    2. Professional Installation

    At some point, you have probably considered an online sign company. They can usually offer lower prices because they do not have to invest in specialized installation equipment, such as cherry pickers. The low prices are nice, but you are left trying to figure out how to install your sign on your own. Installation services are a must if you want your sign to look its best for many years to come. Make sure you choose a shop that will take care of this step.

    3. Innovative Equipment

    Best Sign Shop in Westchester CountyOlder printers are not able to create today’s intricate banners. You need your colors and prints to be crisp and clear. If a sign maker is still nursing along antiquated machines and has not upgraded to the latest digital printers, you may not get the quality of signage you want. Instead, turn to a business with the newest large format printer.

    4. Get Art Proofs

    You should have a good idea of what the finished marker will look like before you agree to a contract. To help you envision the finished signage, a sign maker should show you the precise colors, prepare sketches, and supply you with to-scale drawings.

    5. Stay Local

    Best Sign Shop in Westchester CountyLocal sign shops know how to get the proper permits for your project and are available if there is a need for repairs and maintenance. Plus, don’t you want to keep your money in the community?

    At Gotham Signs & Graphics, we are confident that we are the best sign shop in Westchester County. We will exceed all of your expectations. Please contact our friendly professionals today for more info about our products and services.

    Best Sign Shop in Westchester County

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