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    How to Use Window Privacy Film for Interior Spaces

    Does your space feature floor to ceiling glass panels? Maybe they enclose a conference room or serve as walls for your staff member’s offices. The open concept look is all the rage right now. However, it can cause some problems. Window privacy film for interior spaces is a solution.

    Why Choose Vinyl Privacy Film?

    Window privacy film for interior spacesYou have an open area. But you also need privacy. Rather than installing a standard wall or attaching posters to the glass, choose privacy film. It allows natural light to pass through the material while obstructing the view. If you are hosting meetings in your conference room, the film keeps distractions to a minimum. Your accountant or human resources manager can count petty cash or have meetings without people looking in.

    Using Window Film to Your Advantage

    Window privacy film for interior spacesBoost privacy with frosted and etched vinyl sheets. There are plenty of options open to you.

    • Floor to ceiling etched vinyl displays. If you want complete privacy, close off the view inside a space with frosted vinyl. Select from the standard gray product or opt for a colorful alternative instead.
    • Decorative films. Leave some space open. Instead of a solid surface, run a three-foot-tall stripe along the width of the glass surfaces. Cut out smaller strips. Doing so provides visual separation of the space as well as privacy. At the same time, it preserves the open space feel.
    • Brand displays. We can reverse-cut your company’s name or logo from the frosted vinyl sheets. This step allows an attractive representation of your corporate brand identity in the foyer and anywhere else where clients or visitors will spend some time.
    • Safety measures. Sometimes, it is difficult to see the glass. Frames are thin; panels are getting larger with floor and ceiling supports alone. Prevent visitors and employees from walking into the panes by adding frosted vinyl stripes. Thin stripes, or those of varying widths, can make a significant difference in the way people perceive the space.

    In the Retail Environment

    Window privacy film for interior spacesWindow privacy film for interior spaces also dresses up retail venues. Case in point is the entry door to your mall storefront. Instead of having see-through glass, why not greet shoppers with a frosted glass presentation that displays your store’s name with an etched display? Follow suit by adding your business’ store hours and contact information with lettering to the right or left. If you like we can also reverse-cut this information out of the frosted vinyl.

    What Could Etched and Frosted Vinyl Do for Your Interior Space?

    Window privacy film for interior spacesIf we have piqued your interest in learning more about the product, discuss your thoughts with our graphic artist. We help you envision what your location could look like with the vinyl in place. Not only will it transform your doors and windows’ looks, but it can also be the key to more successful marketing and branding.

    Gotham Signs & Graphics has been helping business owners with their privacy film needs in and around Harrison, Mamaroneck, New Rochelle, Mt. Vernon, Port Chester, Scarsdale, White Plains, Yonkers and all of Westchester and Southern Fairfield Counties. Contact us today to get started on your project.


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