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    If You’re Stuck on What Kind of Lobby Sign You Need, This Blog Is for You!

    Have you been asking yourself, “What kind of lobby sign do I need?” Is the same old setup losing its luster? Has your brand message surpassed the standard rendition of the corporate persona you have relied on thus far? We can help.

    Custom-Routed Acrylic Signage Imbues Your Lobby with an Artistic, 3D Appeal

    What Kind of Lobby Sign Do I Need

    When dimensional letters are too tame but a logo lobby board not precisely what you had in mind, we recommend a geometric shape with your corporate persona integrated through router use. It creates a remarkable space differentiation between foreground and background. Concurrently, we can boost this impression with opposite color selections. By using your corporate palette, we make the kind of eye candy that gets attention.

    Multi-Color Presentations Wow Visitors

    3D Letter Lobby Signs in Westchester County NY

    So far, your lobby sign consisted of dimensional letters that feature only one color. This used to be a big trend in the 90s. However, you might be ready to move on. Why not have us custom color the individual style elements of your sign in the tones that the customer sees online? Colorful signs are excellent at contributing pizzazz to your lobby’s décor. We would start with three-dimensional letters using acrylic, metal, PVC, or sign foam.

    Gradient Color Changes with Acrylic Panel Backing Add Stunning Visual Effects

    Acrylic Panel Lobby Signs in Westchester County NY

    Gradient color changes are fantastic to work with. You have seen them on vehicle wraps, where they impress passersby. You can invite this look into your lobby – but with a twist. We start the project with a clear acrylic panel. Next, we print a vinyl sheet that features the gradient color change and mount it to the back of the panel. Then, we imprint another vinyl sheet with your lettering and install it on the panel’s front. The 3D effect is built-in, and the gradient color change is nothing short of stunning.

    Combine Color Displays with Glossy Finishes

    Acrylic Letter Logo Lobby Signs in Westchester County NY

    Maybe you like the colors you are using. You even like the 3D letters and style elements. Even so, something is still missing. Did you know that something as simple as a glossy finish can radically change the impression a sign makes? When illuminated directly, it creates a beacon that draws the eye of anyone entering. This is not something you can typically achieve with a standard matte finish when the lighting is right.

    So, What Kind of Lobby Sign Do I Need?

    Have we inspired you to make significant changes to how your corporate persona greets customers who enter your lobby? By the way, the above examples are only some of the unique products we have put together. We also offer other product combinations that might work even better.

    For example, have you considered manufactured metal or plastic? It incorporates the opportunity for prismatic facings that can be ideally suited for companies in a creative field. Next, there are the companies that are now having us prepare scaled-down versions of their building signs for lobby use.

    Gotham Signs & Graphics proudly serves White Plains, Port Chester, Scarsdale, Harrison, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, New Rochelle, Mt. Vernon, Yonkers, and all of Westchester and Southern Fairfield Counties. Call us at 914-315-6120 today!

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