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    Illuminate and Brand with a Channel Letters and Cabinet Sign Combo in Yonkers NY

    The sign on your business’ façade plays an integral role in getting out your brand message. While some companies choose dimensional letters or logo boards for their presentations, more and more members of the local business community favor a channel letters and cabinet sign combo in Yonkers NY.

    How the Cabinets and Lettering Combine

    channel letters and cabinet sign combo in Yonkers NYThe letters feature your corporate font and color. They are something that your customers are familiar with. Augment their message with cabinets that spell out a niche or tagline. Frequently, we manufacture an elongated box cabinet that displays one or two words. Another message that you might show on the box is a direction for shoppers. For example, if you operate drive-thru, let customers know where to find it.

    Where the cabinet and letters combo shines is the addition of the logo symbol. In this scenario, you have options. Some companies like to feature a round, square, or another shape that then depicts the corporate logo. Others ask us to manufacture the box in such a way that it imitates the outline of the symbol itself. When we close the front with acrylic, we paint the material to display your brand colors.

    Installation Options Support Any Façade Makeup

    channel letters and cabinet sign combo in Yonkers NYThe most common installation of the combo signage is the flush mount. We install the style elements directly on the wall of your venue. However, sometimes this setup is not possible. It may have to do with the material of the wall or with a lease restriction that forbids the hole-drilling associated with channel letters.

    This is not a problem for our installers. When we cannot flush-mount your signs, we use a raceway. This product consists of an elongated rectangular box that contains all the lighting components. We mount the letters to its front. The back only requires a few screws, which your lease typically allows. By painting the box in the color of the façade, it visually blends in. We can also mount the cabinets to this type of setup if necessary.

    How to Space the Lettering and Logo Displays

    As a general rule of thumb, the lettering is considered the middle of the sign. We use it to decide on spacing the box cabinets. With the location for the letters chosen, the rest is up to you. Most business clients want to follow the display that consumers know from print ads and online setups.

    If you use a cabinet as a directional sign, we recommend placing it underneath the letters. Moreover, consider a lesser depth than the lettering. Doing so ensures that the cabinet does not steal the show. For cabinets that present your logo symbol, we suggest keeping them at the same depths as the channel letters themselves. This ensures that both elements receive equal billing.

    Order a Channel Letters and Cabinet Sign Combo in Yonkers NY

    channel letters and cabinet sign combo in Yonkers NYInvite our technicians to visit you for a site survey. It allows us to take measurements and provide you with input on the sizing of the letters as well as the cabinets. At that time, we can also provide you with information about possible installation options. In fact, contact us today to get started on your project!

    channel letters and cabinet sign combo in Yonkers NY