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    New Monument Sign In Yonkers, NY

    Gotham Signs and Graphics recently designed, produced and installed a new monument sign for the Riverhill Building located on North Broadway in Yonkers, NY.  Monument signs are often used for properties that are set back from the roads they are on and serve several key functions.  The first is to identify the property by its name and/or address.  The sign above features custom routed white acrylic letters mounted to the face of the sign.  The contrast of the white against the blue of the sign body makes the letters highly visible and allows drivers and pedestrians to identify the building from far away.  Secondly, a well designed monument signs provides an sense of quality and permanence to existing and potential clients.  This sign has design features that make it truly unique.  The top of the sign is designed to reflect the roof line of the building.  The and the blue color conveys trustworthiness, reliability and tranquility – all of which are important to the medical offices inside the building.  The “reveal”, an indentation in the body of the sign to separate the base from the main part of the sign, is another design feature that enhances the overall look of the sign.

    At Gotham Signs and Graphics, we pride ourselves on providing a collaborative experience for our clients.  In the case of this monument sign in Yonkers NY, we worked with the client, property manager, the city and engineers to design and install this sign.  The result is a sign that will stand in front of this building for many years to come.

    Call Gotham Signs and Graphics at (914) 315-6120 to learn how a monument sign can enhance the appearance of your property and build your brand.

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