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    Orangetheory Fitness Motivates Workouts with Vinyl Wall Murals in Mamaroneck NY

    Orangetheory Fitness at 811 Mamaroneck Avenue is not your typical gym. Rather, customers build professional relationships with fitness coaches to meet individualized goals. Because this workout facility leverages technology to help you achieve, you have an excellent opportunity to break out of tired fitness routines that do not work. When the fitness facility wanted to underscore this aspect of its branding, a management team representative contacted our sign shop to design custom vinyl wall murals in Mamaroneck, NY.

    Motivational Wall Graphics Highlight the Winning Combination of Perseverance and Science

    Wall Murals in Mamaroneck NY

    The wall graphics the team requested focus on the idea that there are no secrets to fitness. In contrast, there is a winning blend of personal perseverance, discipline, and science. Therefore, our team prepared a variety of products that drive home this point. At the same time, we focused on combining these aspects of branding with the company’s logo representation.

    You will see the latter right next to the treadmills, where the Orangetheory logo takes up the majority of the wall space. For the overhead space, we added several motivational sayings in two different colors. The goal is to encourage the individual member to focus on their goals and push through fatigue. Concurrently, the graphic emphasizes the family look and feel with which Orangetheory imbues its space. Lastly, there is a graphic that highlights the success of a completed workout.

    For the customer, these wall graphics encourage action. They create a sense of belonging and motivate.

    Connecting with the Customer through Signage

    Wall Graphics for Fitness Centers

    Sometimes, you do not have to sell anything to the customer. If the customer is already a member, as is the case with Orangetheory, the main selling point becomes the brand. Therefore, the company has chosen to invest in brand-centric murals that highlight the advantages of pursuing fitness in this environment.

    Murals are excellent options because they are budget-friendly and fit on virtually any wall. The same cannot be said for three-dimensional signs that might conflict with the spacing of equipment. Moreover, graphics are suitable for long-term and short-term displays.

    Vinyl Wall Murals and Graphics in Mamaroneck NY

    If you are running specials, consider short-term wall graphics that encourage participation in your latest promotions. Conversely, address the converted customer to turn this individual into a brand ambassador for your business. You might also select long-term wall murals for the design of a unique atmosphere. This is frequently something that restaurant owners will do.

    Do You Need Retail, Restaurant, Office, or Fitness Center Wall Murals in Mamaroneck, NY?

    Wall Graphics in Mamaroneck NY

    You do not have to have the completed specs on hand. If you still need assistance with the design of a branding campaign from the ground up, we can help. Our graphic artist routinely works with business owners who are thinking of expanding on their brand-centric interior presentations through wall graphics or murals.

    Besides that, we can help you locate the right images that will make the points you seek to highlight. We gladly visit your venue for a site survey that allows us to take measurements and offer suggestions. Contact us today to get the ball rolling on this project!

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