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    Project a Rustic Look with Sandblasted Signs for Port Chester NY

    Whether you operate a restaurant, salon, law firm, or any other type of business, sandblasted signs are your best option when you want a permanent marker that draws in customers with its artistic, traditional appearance. A broad audience is attracted to the custom look of these signs. Fortunately, Gotham Signs & Graphics is one of the premier providers of sandblasted signs for Port Chester NY. Let’s learn more about this signage solution.

    How Sandblasted Signs Are Made

    sandblasted signs for Port Chester NYA high-pressure jet of sand and air blasts away parts of the sandblasted sign’s substrate. In order to make areas of the sign stand out, specific spots are removed. The first step is to use rubber masking to cover the surface of the material. We then remove the masking in the spots where we want to blast away the substrate. Next, we use the high-powered jet of sand directed at the sign panel to remove the exposed areas to a precise depth.

    The leftover sections are usually the text and graphics. They have a dimensional look that really grabs attention. The final step is to paint the sign and apply your preferred finishes to give it a textured appearance.

    It used to be that hardwoods were mainly used for sandblasted signs, but times have changed. These days, high-density urethane (HDU) is used in 90 percent of sandblasted signs. HDU is preferred because it is much more durable and weather-resistant than wood.

    How Are Sandblasted Signs Used?

    In Port Chester, you generally see sandblasted signs used as the primary identification sign for a business. They are typically installed as part of a post and panel sign system or directly to the exterior of a building. They are also utilized as small hanging signs under larger markers, entrance signs to subdivisions and office parks, suite signs, and as address signs for residences.

    Organizations that are located in historic districts, quaint villages, or in less commercial areas must sometimes use sandblasted wood or HDU signs. Apartment buildings also choose HDU sandblasted signs because of their durability and aesthetic appeal. Other businesses that come to us for these markers are bakeries, tackle shops, architects, and bed and breakfasts.

    We Enjoy Serving Port Chester!

    From our shop in Mamaroneck, we love making the trip to visit our Westchester County neighbors to the northeast in Port Chester. Despite its relatively modest population of just under 30,000 people, the “Gateway to New England” has a lot going for it. We enjoy taking in shows at the Capitol Theatre or spending the day at Joseph Curtis Recreation Park. There are also several successful employers bringing work to the area, including Hubba’s, Acticon Engineering, Berger Hardware, The New Crystal Restoration, and several more.

    From Port Chester Harbor and Edgewood Park to McShane’s Bar & Restaurant and Copacabana Steakhouse and every place in between, we are proud to serve Port Chester. If you are in need of sandblasted signs for Port Chester NY, please consider commissioning Gotham Signs & Graphics. For a free consultation, contact our friendly professionals today!

    sandblasted signs for Port Chester NY

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