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    Selecting the Right Window Decals for your Business

    Window decals and graphics are a great way to add color to a window display for businesses of all types. However, the type of signage chosen can make an impact on how effective it is. With this type of signage, there is no one size fits all solution. Instead, the intention of the ad copy must be considered when choosing a category of window decal.

    Depending on your goals, there are a few categories to consider for window decal design.

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    Discount or Sale Promotion

    Window decals can serve as a temporary installation to showcase a short term big sale or other discounts. Unlike other sales decals, these are specific to one big promotion that has high hopes of bringing in a lot of business. These decals should display images of the products paired with specifics on the promotion. For instance, rather than saying shirts are on sale, it would indicate shirts are buy-one-get-one-free. There would also be images of the shirts on sale.

    Immediacy can also help. If it is a one-day sale, putting today only can help bring in customers and let them know about the short sale.


    Sometimes the goal is simply to stick out in the minds of customers. Humor is a great way to achieve this goal. Making an image that is humorous in nature but also reflects the services and products offered will keep your brand fresher in their minds than something simply informative. For instance, some gyms will have images of people pressed against mirrors or doing exercises poorly. This is humorous enough to make people laugh but is still in the vein of what the company offers.

    Directional Images

    Getting around a new business can be difficult. The easier you make it to find your products, the more likely customers are to come in and buy something, and even more likely to return. Implementing directional images can lead them around in a more visually appealing approach.

    Go Digital

    These decals can also be used to promote websites and social media pages. This will help keep customers in your social circle while providing extra information for their use. It also looks more attractive and may get attention from those who don’t have time to stop in but still are interested in learning more.

    Contact us today to find out how we can help get you started with window decals to better promote your locally owned business.

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