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    3D Letter Lobby Sign Welcomes Patients at G&M Family Dental in Westchester County NY

    Located at 160 South Central Avenue in Elmsford, G&M Family Dental serves patients with general and cosmetic dentistry services as well as endodontic, orthodontic, and periodontic treatment needs. When the clinic needed new lobby signs for dental offices in Westchester County, NY, the office management team contacted our sign shop to assist with this project.

    Intricate Logo Design Shines with Routed and Painted Acrylic Treatment

    Lobby signs for dental offices in Westchester County NY

    The client chose acrylic as the base material for its three-dimensional letter and logo sign. We worked closely with the specs the clinic gave us to make certain that we would produce a brand-centric product that featured a total color match. Moreover, it was essential to get the spacing of the individual elements precisely right for an eye-catching wall display.

    Lobby signs to match my logo in Westchester County NY

    We used the router to cut the acrylic. Doing so ensured that the lettering is crisp and features the intricacies of its font. Next, we mixed the colors to allow for easy integration with other signage products that the clinic features in its lobby. Moreover, the darker blue looks great against the light blue-gray color of the wall.

    Look closely, and you will notice the intricacies of the logo design. It flows beautifully from the ampersand and is spaced to set the tone for the signage display. Now, this sign greets incoming patients and supports the brand building for the office.

    Is Acrylic a Good Option for Your Next Lobby Sign?

    Acrylic is one of the most commonly chosen materials for lobby signs. It is versatile, looks elegant, and allows for flat cutting, painting, routing, and similar treatment. Best of all, you can attach it to different substrates as a laminate if you choose. That said, acrylic is not the only option for our clients.

    Another excellent choice is black PVC with a brushed metal laminate already attached. The dark color contrasts nicely with lighter wall colors. Besides that, it creates a visual border that underscores the beauty of the brushed metal. We recommend router cutting this material for crisp edges and beautiful results.

    If you are looking for a metal alternative, consider the beauty of the solid material. Stainless steel, Cor-Ten steel, bronze, and copper are just some of your options. Moreover, when you choose cast metal versus flat-cut components, we can build in slight curvatures and rounded fronts.

    Are You in the Market to Buy Lobby Signs for Dental Offices in Westchester County, NY?

    Are you opening an office for the first time? Are you opening a second or third satellite office? Maybe you are rebranding or replacing an existing sign. No matter why you need new lobby signage, our team can help. We routinely work with medical office management teams on the design of brand-centric signage solutions.

    In the process, we ensure that the material translates your brand message into a tangible signage product. We also work with your team to get the sizing of the style elements perfectly right. Connect with us today to learn more about your options and begin the design process!

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