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    5 Types of Outdoor Signs You Need to Get Your Business Noticed!

    What does it take for passersby to notice your business? Insiders have discovered that there are 5 types of outdoor signs that can make a huge impact on the amount of foot traffic your location gets. Do you know what they are?

    1. Pole Signs Address Drivers Who Are a Few Blocks Away

    5 Types of Outdoor Signs | Westchester County NY

    If you are doing business along a busy street, it pays to make your presence known before drivers are right in front of your location. Unlike a pylon sign, which is typically used in a strip mall setting to display multiple tenant signs, the pole sign only shows your information.

    Frequently, the sign lights up, which works great when you commission a lightbox cabinet with a double-sided facing. If you prefer, we can combine a panel with three-dimensional letters and an external light source. This type of pole sign has a fantastic retro approach.

    2. Monument Signs Signal the Entrance to Your Parking Lot

    Monument Signs in Westchester County NY

    The monument sign is a lot like a smaller version of the pole sign. Rather than addressing the driver who is still a ways away, the monument is for the driver who is on the same block and might be slowing down to enter your parking lot. These signs are excellent for wayfinding and repeating your brand message.

    Because there are so many options open to you when selecting a monument, we recommend discussing your choices with our graphic artist. For example, you might pick a brick and mortar, sign foam, or metal construction. The facing could be illuminated (or not).

    3. The Building Sign is a Necessity

    Building Signs in Westchester County NY

    You can never go wrong with the addition of a building sign. That said, the product must have a brand focus, which resonates with customers who may have visited your website or read your sales collateral. Most business owners like to have us recreate the corporate personas that they feature online.

    Choose from channel letters or box cabinets when you like built-in LEDs; pick 3D acrylic, foam, or metal letters; or explore the installation of a blade sign that installs perpendicular to the wall. Some clients have had excellent success with the installation of both types of signs.

    4. Window Graphics Expand on the Advertising and Brand Messages Other Outdoor Signage Sends

    Storefront Window Wraps in Westchester County NY

    When you have window panes, you have the surfaces for an excellent advertising and brand-building tool. Our technicians might design, produce, and install full window wraps, perforated vinyl window covers, stand-alone decals, and lettering with window graphics. Alert passersby to special offers, new product lines, or a services menu.

    5. Awnings and Flutter Flags are Great Attention Getters

    Awning Signs in Westchester County NY

    How do you get the shopper to notice your building? Customized awnings featuring one of your brand colors can be instrumental in adding splashes of color to a fa├žade. Imprints may repeat your building sign or focus on a tagline. Flutter flags install in front of your space or the median. The slight movement of the products arouses interest while the colors and lettering send the brand message.

    Which of These 5 Types of Outdoor Signs Are You Still Missing?

    Gotham Signs & Graphics routinely works with companies in and around Mamaroneck, Larchmont, New Rochelle, Scarsdale, White Plains, and all of Westchester County, NY. Call us at (914) 315-6120 or email us at [email protected] to find out more!

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