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    When creating a sign, you will have a lot of goals. From return on investment to communicating certain ideas and messages, the intent of signage is pretty clear from conception. However, when deciding those goals, a lot of the finer details can be missed. There are more subtle parts of…

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    Building a strong brand for a business is important for every company but it is even more important for small businesses. Having the right image and tone can mean the difference between a customer choosing your store or one of the big chains. But what makes customers choose to shop…

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    When potential clients approach your business, what is the first thing they see? Your signs draw consumers’ attention, attract them to your enterprise, and tell them where you are. If done poorly, your signs might also drive potential customers away. Your business signs create that all-important first impression and sum…

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    If you recently became an owner of a franchise, let us be one of the first people to congratulate you! It is both a stressful and exciting time when you first purchase a franchise. There are endless aspects of your new enterprise that you have to think about, and franchisors…

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    Whether you have outgrown your space, your lease ran out, or you are just looking for a new and exciting opportunity for your organization, there are endless reasons why you might move your business. Gotham Signs & Graphics has worked with many companies to create smart, effective moving signs for…

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    One of the most indispensable branding and marketing tools for your office is lobby signs. Everyone pays attention to the appearance and feel these interior markers produce in your reception area. Many business owners are seeking to enhance the visual appeal of their interiors while inviting customers in with dimensional…

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    Wall graphics are useful tools for promoting your brand and communicating with customers, visitors, and employees in your building. They can also be used to transform your interiors and help people find their way around. Basically, wall graphics are about as multi-faceted as it gets. Fortunately, Gotham Signs & Graphics…

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