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    Consider These Monument Signs for Your White Plains Business

    Whether you want to display the names of your tenants, you want to highlight the name of your building, or you run a standalone enterprise, every facility can benefit from having a quality monument sign. Fortunately, Gotham Signs & Graphics has virtually limitless solutions when it comes to materials, designs, and colors for monument signs for White Plains NY.

    Types of Monument Signs

    monument signs for White Plains NYAs you travel around Westchester County, one of the most noticeable exterior signs you will see is the monument sign. Businesses usually use these signs as landmarks when giving out directions to their venue. For example, your front desk worker may tell clients to “Take a right on Center Avenue, and we are on the left after the big blue sign.”

    You can choose from some of these options:

    Readerboards and Message Boards – A readerboard is a must when you have a continually changing message that you need to share with the community. With just a few keystrokes, you can easily program these signs. Or, you can choose the lightbox cabinet message boards that require the manual insertion of letters. We supply you with a full set of numbers and letters to get your message across.

    Sandblasted Signs – Sandblasted signs are popular among organizations that want to project a look of warmth and tradition, such as retailers, medical clinics, and real estate brokers. We typically fabricate these signs using a high-pressure stream of air and sand to blast away portions of natural wood or sign foam panels.

    Routed Panels – Routed panels are one of the most versatile alternatives for monuments. You can pick from acrylic/PVC, illuminated, recessed, acrylic/sign foam, and aluminum options.

    Concrete, Sign Foam, and Aluminum – One of the most popular types of monument signs features acrylic or sign foam logos and letters installed on an aluminum panel with a concrete base. We use spotlighting or landscape lighting to make these markers visible at night.

    How Are Monument Signs Illuminated?

    monument signs for White Plains NYWe can include illumination into the design of your monument sign, or we can install landscape lighting. The two main illumination options we provide are LEDs and neon tubing. Our classic neon tubing offers a warm, colorful light. One of the downfalls of neon is that it grows dim when the temperatures dip.

    This is not an issue with LEDs. Additionally, since LEDs are much more energy efficient, you will save hundreds of dollars every year on utility bills. And, LED lights last for up to a decade of nonstop use, so you also save on maintenance costs. Today’s LEDs have been developed to the point where they are virtually indistinguishable from neon.

    Who Uses Monument Signs?

    monument signs for White Plains NYYou can find our high-quality monument signs throughout Westchester County. Some organizations that benefit from these markers are

    • Local and state parks
    • Dental and medical offices
    • Strip and enclosed malls
    • Sports arenas
    • Churches and schools
    • Franchise and independent eateries
    • Car dealerships
    • Office buildings
    • Homeowners’ associations and neighborhood communities
    • And many more

    Contact Gotham Signs & Graphics today for a free consultation on monument signs for White Plains NY.

    monument signs for White Plains NY

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