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    How to Tell the Difference between Pylon Signs and Monument Signs

    When you buy expensive items, you sometimes experience buyer’s remorse. This can sometimes happen when purchasing a large primary identification sign for your venue. Maybe you bought a pylon sign, but you are now noticing that stylish monument signs announce the locations of your rivals. Did you choose incorrectly? Is it too late to fit in with your competitors by removing your pylon sign? Today, we will take a look at the differences between pylon signs and monument signs in Mamaroneck NY and help you decide which is better for your purposes.

    Who Is Your Target Audience?

    pylon signs and monument signs in Mamaroneck NYMost monument signs are about six feet high. They are made of aluminum, brick, and sign foam. To make them easy to see after dark, they can be combined with a lightbox cabinet. You can further improve the utility of your monument sign by incorporating a readerboard with changeable lettering or a programmable LED message board.

    Conversely, pylon signs soar high about your venue. When shopping centers and other large buildings put pylon signs to use, they usually resemble giant monument signs. Or, smaller businesses may simply have their sign on top of a tall, skinny pole. The main purpose of these signs is to grab the attention of motorists from great distances.

    Take Your Needs into Consideration

    pylon signs and monument signs in Mamaroneck NYWhere is your building situated? Is it right by a freeway? Or, is it on a street where all of the businesses look pretty much the same? When you want to stand out from a crowd of single-story shops or you have a store near a major highway, it pays to alert motorists of your company’s presence. One of the main benefits of pylon signs in Mamaroneck NY is that they add height to your facility and help you stand above the surrounding enterprises.

    But, monument signs deliver when you want to add a distinguished look to your organization. It shows customers the type of quality they can expect. These markers can be installed easily on a lawn, or if your property is short on space, we can put it in a median. Additionally, when you surround your marker with landscaping upgrades, you beautify the overall appearance of your property.

    A Happy Medium

    pylon signs and monument signs in Mamaroneck NYWhen you need a sign with the design of a monument but the height of a pylon sign, what can you do? Markers like this are often needed for strip malls where multiple tenants need to be listed. Fortunately, you can combine the two options. For instance, property management companies generally want a tall sign that has spots for each of the businesses within the complex.

    Both Options Are Completely Customizable

    You may be able to boost sales by showcasing a giant picture of your mascot on top of a skinny pole, but not all companies will benefit from these types of markers. Luckily, you can choose from an array of solutions. You may want to advertise to your customer base and add character to your venue with ornately crafted pylon signs. Monument signs are just as versatile. To find out about options specifically tailored to the needs of your business, contact Gotham Signs & Graphics today for a free consultation.

    pylon signs and monument signs in Mamaroneck NY


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