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    F45 Gym Adds Building Signs and Wall Graphics for Multiple Franchise Locations in New York State!

    F45 is a functional training community with tremendous appeal. Because the full-body workouts are so popular, the franchise is adding plenty of sites to serve more communities. When these venues needed building signs and wall graphics for franchises in New York State, the management team contacted our sign shop to assist with the project.

    Standing out with Signage

    Building Signs and Wall Graphics for Franchises in New York State

    At this time, the franchise is growing by leaps and bounds. It is not surprising that opening new sites is of the highest importance. Concurrently, there is a critical need for a brand introduction to communities that might be seeing their first F45 gym and may not yet be familiar with its concept.

    Lightbox Logo Building Signs for Franchises in New York State

    Signage is an integral aspect of the brand conversation and its ongoing development. For this reason, our sign shop began with the fabrication and installation of building signage. Spelling out “F45” in the font, color, and overall design is a hallmark of the franchise’s product. We accommodated the business office’s specs by making lightbox cabinets that illuminate internally with LEDs.

    Illuminated Building Signs for Franchises in New York State

    Our technicians customized the design of the product, which typically displays a rectangular shape. Here, however, the client requested curvature and a cutout. For the interior, we fabricated wall graphics that fit between support beams and go on focal walls. There, the colors, logo, and font combine to spell out the company’s information. Now, passersby cannot help but notice the incoming business. Besides that, visitors to the gym participate in the ongoing brand story through the graphics.

    Does Your Franchise Need Signage?

    Wall Graphics for Franchises in New York State

    Our shop routinely works with franchise owners and corporate offices. Because of the licensing agreements, your signage must meet all the specs set forth by the franchisor. Therefore, we can accept the specs directly from the corporate office or you.

    From there, we fabricate the products that you need. Examples include building signs such as lightbox cabinets, channel, or dimensional letters as well as window graphics, A-frames, and flutter flags. For the interior, we offer the option of designing an entire signage suite that could consist of wall graphics, lobby signage, and any other advertising and branding products you need to stay in step with the corporate headquarters.

    Ordering Building Signs and Wall Graphics for Franchises in New York State

    Signs for Franchises in New York State

    If you have the specs on hand, we fabricate the products as needed. Our technicians make adjustments for spatial variations and interior or exterior architectural elements. Examples include window cutouts and fixture placement.

    If your franchise office has sent you the signage, we gladly install it for you. Doing so ensures that the mounting process does not void the sign’s warranty. Concurrently, it gives you peace of mind that the process is done according to all local codes.

    By the way, you do not have to be a franchise owner to appreciate the importance of excellent signage for all your branding needs. We also work with company owners who are expanding their businesses or moving. Contact our sign shop today to receive a customized quote for your project!

    Free quote on building signs and wall graphics for Franchises in New York State

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