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    How Effective Are Your Exterior Signs in Westchester County NY?

    Is there any doubt that signage is a critical element when inviting consumers to your location? More and more business owners are now ordering exterior signs in Westchester County, NY. If you are still on the fence whether you should invest in a set of illuminated channel letters or a lightbox cabinet, we have the statistics to prove their importance.

    35% of Customers Do Not Know You are There

    Exterior Signs in Yonkers NY

    Statistics prove that 35% of those walking or driving past your location have no clue that you exist. However, the presence of a sign makes a difference. This sign shrinks the number of would-be buyers who pass by without noticing your brand identity and product or service options. Because Westchester County has a vibrant business community that continues serving the consumer well after dark, lighted signs are essential.

    50% of a Start-Up’s Foot Traffic is Due to Signage

    Exterior Signs in Westchester County NY

    You know and love your business. You believe in the services and products that you offer. However, even the best inventory will remain on the shelves if an incoming company does not alert the local consumer demographic to its presence. The numbers show that signage brings in half of a start-up’s customer crowd. Can you afford to make do without a well-designed channel letter building sign or box cabinet?

    85% of Customers are Closer Than You Think

    Exterior Signs in Mamaroneck NY

    The numbers do not lie. The overwhelming majority of your buyers are living and working within a five-mile radius. While there is always the impulse buy from someone who stopped – usually due to signage – you cannot rely on them. Rather, you build name recognition and brand awareness with the signage that you present to the consumer demographic that surrounds you. Is your signage up to par?

    Choosing Exterior Signs in Westchester County, NY

    Exterior Signs in Westchester County NY

    We routinely work with business owners who are unsure of what signage is ideally suited for their locations. Because customization is a key to successful marketing and branding, we recommend working with our graphic artist to design something that fits into the area but helps you stand out.

    For example, you could differentiate yourself with the design of front-lit or halo-lit channel letters. The former boosts the brand colors you work with. The latter underscores a chic brand message. Box cabinets are another choice. They allow for a contemporary spin and color variety. Besides that, our technicians can customize the shape to fit with your brand logo or another symbol

    If these are not the right options, consider the installation of three-dimensional building letters. We typically work with acrylic, metal, and sign foam. Depending on your design preferences, we can adjust the sizing of these elements with your façade in mind. That said, we also pay attention to the traffic speed, which determines the best sizing.

    If all of this sounds confusing, do not worry. We can show you what these signage products would look like on your façade before making the final decision. Best of all, we can help you pair these signs with others. Examples include monuments and A-frames. Our shop serves the business communities in and around Mamaroneck, White Plains, Scarsdale, Yonkers, New Rochelle, and all across Westchester County, NY. Call today!

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