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    Italian Restaurant Illuminated with Reverse-Lit Channel Letters in Mamaroneck NY

    Nonna Carola’s guests flock to 211 Mamaroneck Avenue for the sophisticated Italian dishes, the casual atmosphere, and the use of local ingredients. When this company needed reverse-lit channel letters in Mamaroneck, NY, the eatery’s management team reached out to our sign shop to assist with the project.

    Focusing Attention on a Brand-Centric Building Sign Introduces the Restaurant

    Reverse Lit Channel Letters in Mamaroneck NY

    When you first engage with the restaurant’s corporate persona, you will notice the cursive lettering that is as unique as the dishes. Right underneath, a niche differentiation explains what the eatery is all about. The building sign would have to replicate the information as guests see it online.

    Most importantly, the sign would also have to express the brand message that is behind this combination. Our shop worked with the client to design a sign that would give the nod to the dishes’ upscale nature and the nevertheless laid-back vibe inside. By choosing halo-lit illumination, the combination of a traditional cursive with the elegant lighting succeeds in setting the tone for customer expectations.

    Understanding Reverse-Lit Channel Letter Technology

    What are reverse lit channel letters in Mamaroneck NY

    The use of channel letters is an excellent way of directing attention toward the font and color use. Besides that, the selection of the illumination style enables the establishment to highlight a mood. Many upscale restaurants, boutiques, and jewelry stores like to use reverse-lit lettering where a halo of illumination bathes each style element in light.

    Our technicians create this look by shaping the channel letters in your selected font. We close the fronts with aluminum that we then paint in your corporate colors. After inserting long-lasting LEDs, we close the backs with clear acrylic or polycarbonate. Our installers mount the lettering with standoffs that create a space between the wall and the sign pieces.

    The result is a halo. We can adjust the strength of the halo through the distance between letters and the wall. Moreover, it is possible to add colorful aspects to your brand message with little more than adding color LEDs or custom-treated backings.

    Reverse or Front-Lit Lettering?

    Reverse Lit Channel Letters for Restaurants in Mamaroneck NY

    The sophisticated effect of reverse-lit signage notwithstanding, the halo style illumination is not the only option. Other business clients opt for front-lit channel letters that focus the customer’s attention on the corporate color palette through a bold and bright display of light that shines through the letters’ fronts. When your brand-building efforts focus extensively on the combination of color and font, this may be a good choice.

    How to Buy Your Front or Reverse-Lit Channel Letters in Mamaroneck NY

    Gotham Signs and Graphics routinely works with restaurant owners, retailers, service providers, medical facilities, and property managers to design, produce, and install brand-centric building signage. We collaborate with your management team on the perfect rendition of your corporate persona and the best way to illuminate it.

    If you are unsure whether this should be a front or reverse-lit setup, we can assist. Our graphic artist will help you decide on the lighting style that is perfect for your unique business. Connect with us today to schedule a design appointment!

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