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    Social Distancing at the Office in Westchester County: Here’s What You Can Do Now

    Having a remote workforce does not work for every type of business. The coronavirus pandemic has served as a stark reminder that some companies need face-to-face interactions or the hands-on work product of a combined staff to function. If this is you, consider how you can support social distancing at the office in Westchester County, NY.

    Stagger the Work Schedule

    Social Distancing at the office in Westchester County NY

    Now is the right time to experiment with a staggered work schedule. Rather than having everyone in the office from morning to evening, consider an every-other-day program. Another option is the alternating of departments. By limiting in-person access to the office by some workers, you make it easier for the remaining group to spread out.

    Social Distancing Seating Stickers in Westchester County NY

    Part and parcel of this approach is the introduction of signage that helps workers with spacing out. For example, vinyl chair banners could eliminate half of the seats in a conference room or other meeting venue. For shared office spaces that do not allow for significant distancing, we recommend installing customized acrylic sneeze guards.

    Combined with wearing masks, washing hands, and disinfecting the work area consistently, they can greatly assist with keeping the spread of disease down.

    Communicate Effectively throughout the Space Workers Use

    Social Distancing Floor Graphics for Offices in Westchester County NY

    The cafeteria, employee lounge, office supply room, and similar areas need to observe the social distancing rules that are currently in place. Of course, it is easy for individuals to misjudge their distances. Therefore, our sign shop has created a variety of signage solutions that communicate the new rules.

    • Floor stickers. Measure out the six-foot distance that workers have to keep from one another. Chic floor stickers in your brand colors look great in your space and allow for integration into your interior d├ęcor. Besides that, they continue your brand communication, which benefits customers who visit your location.
    • Bathroom signage. Aluminum and Dibond sign panels with imprinted vinyl overlays spell out hand-washing procedures and the social distancing rules. Moreover, they will remind of ensuring that masks are in place at all times.
    • A-frames. Some business clients have had excellent success by declaring busy stairwells and aisles as being one-way. Use an A-frame sign with a custom insert to ensure that you get the message across. Also, take advantage of the ability to move this sign to change traffic in your space, depending on the number of workers in attendance.

    Could Individual Sneeze Guards Make a Difference in Your Business?

    Social Distancing Banner Shields for Offices in Westchester County NY

    What happens when you still need to have a frequent work check-in? While acrylic sneeze guards at desks are excellent options, some workers may meet face-to-face who do not have assigned desks or sneeze guards.

    Personal foldable sneeze guards are good options that also work well when you need to call impromptu meetings or require face-to-face interaction between teams. They remain with the individual employees during the 15-minute huddle before work or at the main office’s joint video conference call.

    Learn more about social distancing at the office in Westchester County, NY, by contacting our team. Call (914) 315-6120 or connect with us online!

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