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    Social Distancing Signs and Graphics for Businesses Reopening in Westchester County NY

    Are you preparing your business for reopening? You are undoubtedly training your workers to comply with new rules and regulations. Make it easier for staff members as well as customers with social distancing signs and graphics in Westchester County, NY.

    Why Invest in Social Distancing Signs?

    Social Distancing Floor Decals for Scarsdale | White Plains | Yonkers NY

    In addition to being budget-friendly, these signs are designed to support the community. Shoppers emerge from stay-at-home orders and do not know the way around. Some may be uncomfortable shopping at your location simply because they feel out of their element. You can mitigate the fear of the new normal with friendly signage that invites in the public and guides them through the new ways of engaging with your brand.

    Signage Options for Retailers, Service Providers, and Other Businesses

    We are Open A-Frame Signs for White Plains | Yonkers | Scarsdale NY

    • Social distancing floor graphics. Help your customers observe the six-foot social distancing rule. This applies outdoors where lines may form as well as at the check stands and service counters where customers might wait for their turns. Rather than just placing a piece of duct tape on the floor to mark the correct spacing, invest in tough floor graphics that feature your company’s name and colors.
    • A-frame stands. Alert the consumer with “We Are Open” signs. Our technicians will customize an A-frame sign, so it is easy to notice. Opt for a double-sided message that highlights your company’s name and logo to create brand awareness building. Most importantly, a double-sided sign addresses prospective shoppers from multiple directions.
    • Health notices. Help customers and workers stop the spread of germs. We recommend the display of aluminum wall panels with vinyl overlays. Entitle them “COVID-19 Prevention” or focus on how to “Stop the Spread of Germs.” Choose signage with red or blue headers. These signs are always available in Spanish.
    • Hand-washing signs. Ideally suited for the restrooms, these signs underscore the importance of proper hand-washing. Choose messages that we print on reflective aluminum to stand out.
    • Social distancing signs. Remind customers and staff members to practice social distancing. These aluminum signs are excellent for mounting on doors, reception desks, and service counters. For best results, combine them with floor graphics.

    How to Order Social Distancing Signs and Graphics in Westchester County, NY

    Social Distancing Signs for Westchester County NY

    Do not wait to have the competition beat you to the punch! Rather, consider now the right time to reintroduce your brand against the backdrop of new interactions with the public. Most importantly, do not allow a competitor to steal away your customers because they find ways of making any changes to their business easier to understand for the consumer.

    COVID 19 Social Distancing Signs in Westchester County NY

    In contrast, be the company to reel in foot traffic with signage that is consumer-friendly and brand-centric. Help the shopper consider you a relevant retailer or service provider who can take care of their needs. Besides that, position your brand as the one that makes the process of changing buying habits comfortable and relaxed. Targeted signage makes it possible.

    Gotham Signs & Graphics is a commercial sign company that works with business owners in and around Westchester County, Mamaroneck, White Plains, Port Chester, New Rochelle, Scarsdale, Harrison, Rye, and Yonkers. We also work in Fairfield County, The Bronx, and Manhattan. Make the call today!

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