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    Title Company Brands with Acrylic Panel Lobby Sign in Manhattan NY!

    Customers find the Omni Title Agency at 202 West 40th Street in Suite 902. From there, the experts provide title insurance services to a broad range of real estate pros in the area. When the firm’s management team decided it was time to invest in an eye-grabbing lobby sign, a representative contacted our shop to discuss the design, production, and installation of acrylic panel signs for title insurance companies in Manhattan, NY.

    Custom Acrylic Panel Lobby Sign Sets the Tone for Customer Expectations

    Acrylic panel lobby signs for title companies in Manhattan NY

    We worked with the team to design a lobby sign that would imbue the space with the company’s brand message. Therefore, we started with an acrylic panel that we clad with an imprinted vinyl overlay. This overlay features a gradient color change that is an immediate attention-getter.

    Next, we flat-cut a set of acrylic letters that our technicians painted in the firm’s corporate colors. They would spell out the company’s name. We mounted them on top of the vinyl. Finally, our installers mounted the panel with the 3D letters and vinyl backdrop to the wall with attractive brushed aluminum standoffs.

    Now, the lobby sign sets the tone for customer interactions in the title insurance company’s reception area. Full customization of the product ensures that the sign focuses attention on the branding. Moreover, it fits in optically very well with the space the company allocated for its display.

    Why Choose a Logo Board for Your Next Reception Area Sign

    Acrylic Panel Lobby Signs in Manhattan NY

    Most people choose either a set of three-dimensional letters or a lobby logo board. The latter choice has several advantages.

    • Material options. Because it becomes a piece of the reception area’s wall art, it must stand out in all the right ways. Our clients frequently choose acrylic as their favorite material. They make this decision because it opens the door to a variety of design styles. That said, you might also select metal.
    • Illumination possibilities. Did you know that it is possible to hide LEDs behind a logo board? When our technicians place them around the edges, you get a halo effect that bathes the entire sign with a soft glow. Conversely, we can cut out some spaces and have the illumination target specific letters.
    • Style combinations. For the Omni Title Agency, we combined dimensional letters with printed vinyl. You might have a different idea. How about choosing sign foam letters with acrylic or metal laminates? Maybe you want to layer the look and put an underlay beneath the acrylic. Some clients have had excellent success with frosted vinyl.

    Are You Shopping for Acrylic Panel Signs for Title Insurance Firms in Manhattan, NY?

    Which lobby sign is right for your business? If you are unsure, discuss your thoughts with our graphic artist. We can show you what a 3D letter sign would look like with and without a panel. Besides that, we gladly offer you additional style elements that could be perfect for imbuing the space with your branding.

    Contact us today to discuss the various options that are open to you!

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