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    Using Wall Graphics to Display Your Corporate Culture in Westchester County NY

    A growing number of business owners is enlisting Gotham Signs & Graphics’ help to create a positive corporate culture. They have realized that doing so can lead to increases in productivity and a better work environment. Best of all, you can reach these goals with little more than a few budget-friendly corporate culture wall graphics in Westchester County, NY.

    Cityscape Wall Graphics Give the Team a Vision of the Company’s Reach

    Cityscape Wall Graphics in Westchester County NY

    Our technicians have worked with several companies that requested floor-to-ceiling murals featuring a dusk shot of their target cities. Doing so makes sense because it emphasizes the reach of your business. Moreover, it helps the individual employee understand how important their job is. Conversely, the visiting customer recognizes that they are doing business with a significant player in the niche.

    Corporate Timeline Wall Graphics Focus Attention on Upward Mobility

    Corporate Timeline Wall Graphics in Westchester County NY

    There is never a wrong time to take stock of your company’s achievements. Instead of a colorful wall plaque, why not spread your timeline across a full wall? Introduce a variety of shapes and colors to signify specific events. Moreover, place this timeline in a busy hallway, on the second focal wall of the lobby, in a conference room, or a break room. These timelines inspire workers and customers because they prove that everyone is part of something big.

    Company Quotes and Taglines Become a Daily Mission Reminder

    Corporate Culture Wall Graphics in Westchester County NY

    Many business owners like to narrow down a mission or vision to a single quote. Sometimes, this quote comes from a company’s founder or a past CEO. At other times, it is a saying by a famous figure from history. No matter which type of quote you favor, consider placing it in large lettering on one or more walls. Besides that, add some splashes of color to integrate the wall graphic into your interior design.

    Focus Attention on Corporate Values with Colorful Images

    Corporate Value Wall Graphics in Westchester County NY

    Which attitudes are parts of your corporate culture? There might be teamwork, a sense of belonging, a focus on sustainability, or something else. Underscore these values with niche-specific images that are aimed at inspiring workers. Even though they also address customers, these kinds of graphics are primarily directed at the employees.

    How to Order Corporate Culture Wall Graphics in Westchester County, NY

    Did you know that these murals, images, and graphics could be some of the best branding investments you make this year? They are budget-friendly, fully customizable, suitable for any interior d├ęcor, and capable of changing the feel of any space virtually overnight.

    Our technicians can work with graphics and photos that you already have. Conversely, we can introduce you to stock art that could be precisely what you are looking for. At the same time, we help your team find ways of expressing your culture without copying what competitors may be doing.

    Gotham Signs & Graphics serves the business communities in and around Westchester County, NY. You frequently find our truck in front of storefronts or offices in Mamaroneck, White Plains, Port Chester, New Rochelle, Scarsdale, Harrison, Rye, and Yonkers. Besides that, we also serve The Bronx and Manhattan. Call us today at (914) 315-6120 or email us at [email protected].

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