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    Why Consider Acrylic Panel Lobby Signs in Yonkers NY?

    Lobby signs are your opportunity to wow the client or customer who is visiting your business. The marker should make a memorable impression. At the same time, it should present your brand message in a classy way. With acrylic panel lobby signs in Yonkers NY, you can do precisely that.

    Combine Dimensional Letters with Vinyl Print

    Start with an acrylic board that contrasts well with your corporate colors. Next, we would cut a second board that is just a little smaller all the way around. We keep this sheet of acrylic clear. Alternatively, technicians imprint your logo information with a matte finish. This print setting contrasts well with the glossy look of the acrylic.

    In the meantime, we cut out your lettering from another sheet of acrylic. We paint the letters in your usual tone. Finally, we mount the letters to the board, next to the symbol, and attach it to the larger bottom board. The result is a colorful acrylic panel sign that capitalizes on the great look of your colorful corporate person.

    Emphasize Three-Dimensional Design Aspects with a Panel Backer

    The sign starts with a see-through acrylic panel. On the front, we mount your name and logo information. It consists of 3D elements that we cut out from acrylic, metal, foam, or PVC. Our installers then attach the panel to the wall with standoffs. The result is a presentation that instantly catches the eye. The three-dimensional impression of this sign works well with almost all other signage solutions that you already have in your reception area.

    Combine Multiple Print Techniques for an Impressive Brand Presentation

    acrylic panel lobby signs in Yonkers NYOnce again, we advocate the double-board design. The bottom board displays the iconic brand color. The upper board displays with a frosted vinyl overlay that is actually on its back. The print is on the front. This combination of print styles results in the optical illusion of a three-dimensional look. It emphasizes the elements of the message that are on the front. Examples include the company’s name and logo as well as its tagline.

    Take the Acrylic Panel Sign to the Next Level

    acrylic panel lobby signs in Yonkers NYIt is possible to highlight an even more striking 3D look by adding style elements to the back of the board as well as to its front. A print combo of this type is a guaranteed eye-catcher. Illumination is another excellent method for making an impression. We recommend placing LEDs behind the bottom acrylic panel, which we then mount with standoffs. The result is an attractive halo effect.

    How to Order Acrylic Panel Lobby Signs in Yonkers NY

    Invite our team to visit your location for a site survey. If you plan to integrate the sign with other markers that you already display in the lobby, doing so is a good choice. We ensure a perfect color match as well as the ideal sizing of the signage for your setting. If you are unsure what type of board display would work well for you, we show you the different ways of making your acrylic sign fit into the space.

    Contact us today to learn more about your options.

    acrylic panel lobby signs in Yonkers NY

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