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    3 Examples of Using Vinyl Graphics for Your Lobby Sign in Westchester County NY

    Many business owners contact Gotham Signs and Graphics to order three-dimensional letters for their lobbies. They are popular and typically consist of acrylic, sign foam, or metal. Others are thinking of installing illuminated signage. However, a growing number of innovative businesses are now requesting vinyl graphic lobby signs in Westchester County, NY, instead.

    1. AH Lashes Impresses with a Brand-Centric Focal Wall

    vinyl graphic lobby signs in Westchester County NY

    Located at 257 Mamaroneck Avenue, AH Lashes is in the art business. Specialists transform the physical appearances of customers with a broad range of services and products. Rather than featuring a 3D lobby sign that may not adequately focus the customer’s attention on the brand message, the management team selected vinyl graphics instead.

    In addition to being the perfect color combination that integrates the wall’s tone, it is a fantastic money-saver. Our technicians took detailed measurements to get the spacing of the various style elements perfect right. Now, the vinyl product creates a brand presentation that involves the wall’s entirety – not just a section – without overwhelming the space.

    2. Espresso Cafeto Turns a Welcoming Shop into a Brand Powerhouse

    Lobby Signs using Vinyl Graphics in Westchester County NY

    Located at 1252 West Boston Post Road in Larchmont, this coffee shop was looking for a way to incorporate its brand colors into the space’s overall ambiance. Choosing black and white as brand colors allowed the business to create an interior décor that focuses on these tones.

    Instead of compromising the space’s overall feel with a 3D sign that juts out, this coffee shop figured that supporting the brand itself was more important. As a result, our team could design, fabricate, and install a larger than life lobby sign that pushes the message front and center without detracting from the mood.

    3. K-LOVE Radio Makes Positivity the Focus of the Message

    Using Vinyl Graphics for Your Reception Area Sign in Westchester County NY

    Located in Portchester, listeners tune in to 95.5 FM and 96.7 FM for positive and encouraging messages, music, and talk shows. Rather than looking for a color presentation, the radio station selected a white on gray vinyl display that highlights the radio dial spots. Also, this setup takes the brand message across the majority of the wall. It fits in perfectly with the setting.

    Are You Ready to Take a Closer Look at Vinyl Graphic Lobby Signs in Westchester County, NY?

    What connects these businesses – as different as they are – is the focus on a wall display that takes up a lot of space. As a result, it is a great option for featuring a brand message that is large and immediately gets the attention of anyone entering the area. Concurrently, the use of vinyl manages to integrate the sign into the interior décor. Rather than standing out, it becomes a part of it.

    This appeals to more and more business owners who are looking for a way to imbue their spaces with their branding organically. Considering that setting the mood is part of the overall interaction the customer has with the company, the use of vinyl is ideal. Talk about your next signage project with our experts, and see if budget-friendly vinyl might be right for you!

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